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Microsoft Cuts Off Its Skype Wi-Fi Hotspot Service.
End of Skype Wi-Fi as service.

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MÁSmovil y Gowex se unen para ofrecer WiFi gratis en Madrid.

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CMT advierte sobre el abuso del cobro de anulación de portabilidades.

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Vodafone mejorará las condiciones a cuatro millones de sus clientes.

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Throughout our history we have been pioneers in the implementation of Voip-based communications services and technology for companies and carriers around the world offering the highest quality and highly competitive prices.

A continuous study of the prices of each route and a vision fully directed to the customer define us and place us in a predominant position in this competitive sector.

With these points as reference we have designed services to offer the customer different traffic options that can cover all their needs. Because communicating is a necessity and not just a business.

Voip quality services.


Rates with the best prices.

We work with the best worldwide carriers and voip operators.

Choose from different quality according to your needs.

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