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Avda del parque Nº 34 .
28760 Tres Cantos (Madrid) .

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Madrid Delegation:

Client support : 91 806 13 63

Fax : 91 217 36 81

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The VOIP telecommunications sector is marked by its high availability requirements.

These requirements require tools that provide real-time services and immediate response to any issues that may arise.

In teleco3 we have different means to maintain a continuous communication with our clients and systems prepared to offer a stable service every second of every day.

To make this high availability coverage a reality we maintain a high performance in our technical service and customer service.

A schedule according to the needs that the sector demands is responsible for meeting the needs of our infrastructure and its users, including weekends and holidays, so that the customer is not alone in the face of any incident.

Call us, write us or visit us for any questions or information you need, because communication as well as being a necessity, is also the most effective way to evolve and discover new possibilities.

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