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TELECO TRES S.L. Was created during the year 2000 with the mission to offer a high quality product for the VOIP termination needs of global operators and carriers.
Our beginnings were based on improving a new service that has become the reference of the world telecommunications, obtaining in brief time, a large client portfolio.
Our next great achievement was to unify in a single business platform the distribution of the most used telematic systems today.
With a strong presence in Europe and a multitude of customers spread all over the world, we strive every second to maintain the high standards of quality that we established in our origins.
A team dedicated entirely to the efficiency of the service provided and to the firm conviction that in the field of telecommunications is not all invented.
We invest much of our profits in the development of new communication and security technologies.
One of the main goals throughout our journey has been to generate a complete Voip infrastructure with the highest quality and prices adapted to the different needs of each customer.
The best VOIP communications traffic circulating through our proprietary platform and the best termination routes for total user satisfaction.

Direct interconnections at the global level allow Teleco3 to offer the highest quality voice termination routes.

We focus our efforts on Wholesale International service to get the best quality at the best price.

We have different rates based on the needs of the customer and capacity to determine the quality for each destination applied.

We take pride in our work to improve communication worldwide and dedicate our continuous effort to the development of new technologies.

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