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  • VOIP

    The technology applied to the termination VOIP wholesale of high load has made us a reference of the communications inside and outside our borders.

    We use advanced infrastructures for the reception and broadcasting of VOIP traffic that are the main representatives of the world of communications for international calls.

    As precursors in its implementation, we have followed a parallel course to VOIP technologies since its inception, which has allowed us to generate a high knowledge of the most appropriate tools for its implementation.

    Our growth figures have increased steadily and enabled us to offer preferential conditions to our partners and suppliers to offer our customers competitive rates with the best quality.

  • Platform Renting

    VOIP platform renting has become a quick and economical solution for small operators who want to control their communications and gain benefits based on international digital voice traffic.

    Our infrastructure provides a comfortable administration interface and offers exceptional possibilities for managing a large number of calls and the process associated with routing and billing processes.

    We have economic options based on communication channels and extensible structures for additional voice services that provide added value to end customer communications.

    An open system that allows the operator to use the platform termination service or add its own suppliers.

  • Security

    Software-based VOIP platforms have security shortfalls that must be met to maintain efficient service and avoid asset losses.

    Attacks on VOIP platforms have increased exponentially in recent years due to the inexperience of the operators on this matter.

    Internet connectivity offers a larger attack surface, which did not exist in hardware-based systems and analog connections.

    We provide security to software platforms with firewall service, monitoring, penetration testing and proper settings to maintain secure connections between extremes.

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Assembly and maintenance.

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